Cammercials by Camsoda

October 14th 2021 – As consumers look for more personalized and exclusive shopping experiences, there has been a rise in popularity of live-streaming commerce, where people and brands sell merchandise through a live video stream. This is particularly true in China, where in 2020, Taobao Live - Alibaba’s live-shopping experience - reported a gross merchandise volume of $61.7 billion. Yes, you read that right. $61.7 billion!

To get in on the action and improve the experience, Camsoda - a leading live adult entertainment webcam platform - has announced its launching “Cammercials,” an offering that will leverage its proven technology and beautiful model roster to sell merchandise -- items from name brands, everyday household items, etc. -- on its platform.

The two biggest gripes with live commerce in the U. S. -- and impediments for mass adoption -- are the lack of good broadcasters and poor quality of the live stream. As a recent Wall Street Journal article pointed out, “For every live-streaming wizard there are a handful of bumbling broadcasters,” and “ ‘Can you hear me?’ was the phrase I heard most often while using the app.”

Another roadblock many businesses face is finding ways to advertise their products under FCC and broadcast regulations. With CamSoda’s Cammericals there will be a level of creative freedom allowed and no ad or product will be considered “too risqué.” You will be able to employ some of the most highly skilled direct marketers on the internet!

“Live-streamed commerce is a hell of a concept. People want to see products in realtime, in action. The players are just not ready to deliver a stellar experience consistently. That’s where we come in. We support the 50000XK hours of quality live streams a dayyear. We can better ensure there are no issues with broadcasts of people selling. Easy. Also, the adage ‘sex sells’ is real. We have some of the most beautiful and sexy women on the planet, who are interested in selling.” Said Darren Parker, VP of Camsoda.

As part of the offering and to launch, CamSoda will allow models to sell their own products, like they would on Etsy. Models will also sell merchandise from In addition, CamSoda will allow models to sell products from forward thinking brands with similar audiences to that of CamSoda.

With Cammercials, thousands of CamSoda’s models will be available as broadcasters, allowing brands to find the perfect girl to represent their unique offerings. The model’s will be utilizing Camsoda’s exceptional live stream video quality of crisp 1080p resolution at 30fps live. Say goodbye to blurry cable product shots and hello to clear money shots!

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